Our little Babelle Giftguide

Tis' the season to shop small and spoil your pups!

What do you actually give to a dog? Or to dogmoms/dogdads? Or to yourself because, let's be honest, hard work should also be rewarded! 

And there are literally a thousand and one options too! 
So many nice shops, dog bakeries (Yes, Doggobakery, I'm looking at you), gadgets, Christmas stuff,..  LOVE IT! 

And on your search for presents you have now ended up in our virtual shop. LOVE IT x 100000! 

Whether it's because you already know us, through the neighbor, through the many instagram profiles who are sharing their favorite shops (for which mad love by the way!) or a lost carrier pigeon: WELCOME! 

En ook, you've come to the right place! 

Because Christmas shopping can sometimes be quite stressful (choice stress, anyone?) I thought I'd give you a helping hand with this 'Babelle gift guide'. 

A small mini guide with an overview of 10 Tips for under the tree. A mixture of Christmas goodies, must-haves and nice to give's. 

You ready? LET'S JINGLE!


1. First up: Onze hele christmas collection!  
The entire? It won't be yet! Each product is personally chosen by your's truly and honestly, you just can't go wrong! 




2. The indispensable Pawtection van Natural Dog Company 

This is really one that I can't emphasize enough, get the pawtection at home!
Ideal for anyone who has ever thought: Poor paws!, Wouldn't it be too cold?, Wouldn't it be too hot?,.. 
(All of us, am I right?!)
The Pawtection puts an extra protective layer on the legs of our four-legged friends so that they are more resistant to literally everything.

 Is this a miracle cure and should you never pay attention again? No of course not. 

But, is it a tool that ensures that the paws are more protected? Definitely! 

Everything from Natural Dog Company is 100% made from natural products and I swear by it sincerely.


3. De Wobble Lickimat 

That I am a big fan of the lickimatten is no longer a big secret. For Babs and me, this was a little panacea in the process of leaving her alone. Why?

It helps with stress and boredom, through the act of licking the dog learns to calm itself, they eat more slowly and you can fill the wobble with various tasty recipes!

4. Lila Loves It EHBO BOX

This box is the perfect medicine chest and a reliable travel companion. The tin box is also shock-resistant and can also be used as a drinking bowl. 

A perfect gift and a real must-have for all dog owners




5. Cutie With A Booty 
This one is perfect if you're looking for a fun gift to give. Can't go wrong. It's funny, it's beautiful and a nice gift for any dog lover.


6. Cluffert Hair Remover 

With this stylish, reusable, economical, environmentally friendly hair remover you can make everyone with a bug happy! 


7. A Bandanda Scrunchie Matching Set 

Another one you just can't go wrong with! A nice bandana and a matching scrunchie.

Twinning is winning, right?!


8. Essential: Seat Belt

The perfect accessory for safe and fun car rides!

9. Luminous Winter Collar

With this rechargeable collar you no longer have to worry about the visibility of your four-legged friend! It has a flash or constant function, is splash-proof and easy to adjust. This collar is made of plastic/TPU, which makes it easy to cut to size.



10. Eat Play Wag Cappuccino/Corduroy convertible leash

With the Convertible leash you give extra dimension to your walks, literally. 
You can use the leash in different ways. Hands-free or let your dog walk on a leash for a little longer? 
No need to choose anymore!