Bag strap - Khaki Leopard | Cocopup - Babelle

Bag strap - Pink Dalmatian | Cocopup

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 De perfect match met de Cocopup Dog walking bag: De black leopard strap.

Over de dog walking bag

Say goodbye to handbags and jacket pockets full of loose poop bags and snacks..
Because here is the all-round dog walking bag. 

1 bag for your own stuff, with a separate compartment for the poop bags and where you can also hang a snack bag.

And stylish too! 
In short, everything you could possibly need in 1 bag.

Easy to clean.

80cm to 135cm 


* dog walking bag and snack bag are available separately or all together in an affordable combo. You will find the treat pouches here, de dog walking bag here in combo here.