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Lila Loves it

With the Lila Loves It nail scissors, the dog's nails can be trimmed accurately and safely.

The unique ergonomic scissor blade makes cutting the claws noticeably easier.

The claw shears are produced in close cooperation with real shear specialists. This high quality leads to the best results, which are especially important when clipping the nails.

So if you trim your dog's nails yourself, it is best equipped for you.

To make sure nail clipping works properly and safely, here are some instructions:

INSTRUCTION MANUAL: The easiest way to trim your four-legged friend's nails is when he is lying on his side. Provide good light when cutting so that you can see the blood vessels in the claw. If your dog has dark nails, try examining the individual nails with a flashlight. Take your dog's paw in your hand and pin the nail you want to cut at the base of the claw. Hold the nail scissors at a 45° angle to the nail and cut from bottom to top. Please only trim the nail carefully "slice by slice" so as not to cut away too much.