Pickle Butter Poopbag Carrier | Eat Play Wag - Babelle

Desert Fern Poopbag Carrier | Eat Play Wag

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Why Eat Play Wag?

Eat Play Wag is​a brand that originated from the same idea as Babelle: We love our four-legged friends and we want the best for them. 
At the same time, it is also nice if it can be a bit more special, or completely in your own style. 

Eat play wag is a line with super cool collars, harnesses, leashes and all other accessories for fun walks. 
They are more colorful and slightly more playful, by using 2 colorblock colors each time. 

  • 100% Cotton lining for soft comfort and 100% Nylon core for strength and strength 
  • Handy size
  • Easy to change rolls by the push button