Hi Doglovers & puppers, 
We're having a BIG comeback easter month with lots of fun and discounts. Beneath you can find all that's in store this month and the conditions. 
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me: lana@babelle.be
What's coming

🌾 First off: A fun sale!
Get 25% off with code: HAPPYEASTER from 2/4 until
16/4. 🐰

And for the first time EVER, this code will be valid on
EVERY product in our shop;
(and yes, that means there's a 25% off on all

🌾 Second: Win great prices!
With every order over 50 euro will come an Easter egg
with a price.
Prices can be discounts (10%, 15%, 20%), giftcards (5
euro or 10 euro), free shipping and there are TWO
HOLY GRAILS at play: Giftcards for 80 euro!

You get an Easter egg for every 50 euro you spent (so
yes, if you spent 100 euro you have free shipping AND
2 Easter eggs with prices - aaand a bigger chance at
one of the big prices 😉)

*all Easter eggs are already filled with prices and will
be distributed randomly
* Join in on the fun from 2/4 until 16/4

🌾 Next up: A Giveaway!
YES, we're in a giving mood!
On 20/4 you can expect a fun giveaway containing
some existing and some new products 😍

🌾 And to finish the month: NEW STUFF INCOMING
We've already spoiled a couple of new bandana's but
there's definitely more! 💥
I'll tell you guys alll about it in the coming weeks.

🌾 Lastly: there will also be flash surprises!
So keep an eye on our instagram, website, tiktok and
mailinglist because there's more fun to come!


*Valid in Europe
* 25% off and Easter egg prices are valid from 2/4 until 16/4
* In this period you get an Easter egg with each 50 euros spent 
* The eggs will be distributed randomly. There are 120 eggs, this also means it's possible that no one wins the big prizes. - In this case we'll be adding another action later this month.
* Contact us to claim your price! 
* Prices must be claimed before the end of April (you can use them later as they will be valid for a year) 
* Any Flash actions will only be valid for a couple of hours.