Joyful Woof Cards

The ultimate bonding deck for you and your dog
Joyful Woof Cards - Babelle

52 Challenges

Designed for a year long fun. More important: designed for you to complete all challenges in your own time.

Joyful Woof Cards - Babelle

Digital Course

Each card has a QR code that will take you to the Joyful Woof's online platform. Here you can find more information on each challenge.

7 Categories

All challenges are divided over 7 categories so you can explore all things 'dog'. You can choose your category or pick random.

Joyful Woof Cards

Joyful Woof Cards

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Introducing Joyful Woof Cards: The ultimate bonding deck for you and your dog

Buckle up for tail-wagging adventures that’ll spark unforgettable moments with your furry sidekick! 🎉 Dive into a year-long journey filled with love, laughter, and a deeper connection with your four-legged companion.

🌟 52 Weekly Thrills:

Explore 52 challenges, meticulously crafted across 7 diverse categories.

Enrichment & Games
Training & Exercise
First Aid Care
Recipes & Healthy Foods
Bonding & Body Language
Alternative Practices

🎓 Exclusive Access to Online Course:
Every card has a unique QR code that unlocks our online digital course, featuring tutorials, quizzes, and more information on each challenge.

Why It's the Paw-fect Companion:

🐾 Forge Unbreakable Bonds: Strengthen your friendship bond and build an unbreakable connection with your beloved pup.

🐾 Enhance Well-being: Elevate your dog's mental and physical health through vet-approved games and activities

🐾 Become a Confident Dog Parent: Unleash your inner dog whisperer! These challenges are your ticket to decoding your dog's language and behavior.

🐾 Farewell, Routine - Hello, Fun: Bid adieu to mundane days and welcome a year filled with exciting adventures.

Vet-Approved Adventures:

Rest assured, every challenge bears the mark of approval from Jenthe Kwik, an esteemed small animal veterinarian and expert in behavioral medicine. Your furry pal's well-being is our foremost priority! 🩺🐾

Ready for Pawesome Adventures?

From backyard treasure hunts to crafting delightful doggy recipes, Joyful Woof Cards is your compass for a year brimming with joy, learning, and unparalleled connection with your furry friend.

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